Valley of The Savage Run

12 Stages of Suffering

Jump, run, dash, and smash over traps, evil predetors and hostile environment! Try to reach the safe zones using different routes, teleports, and skill! Train your brain to simultaneously control both frogs and experience the real power of your survival instincts!

• Two frogs - Flip (the black one) & Flop (the white one)
• One inter-dimensional space form - the mighty Gart
• 12 stages - insanely difficult to comprehend
• 12 achievements - extending your pain
• 4 different environments filled with deadly traps and ancient mechanisms

Valley of The Savage Run

Available for Tizen

• GameCenter leaderboards to compare your skills
• Original soundtrack - 8-bit sound in all of its glory
• Specifically targeted for mid-to-hardcore gamers
• Check how well your brain works and how fast it learns to use the game controls

Beat all 12 Stages and watch the Outro video!